Dec 2018 I will give a talk on Multimodal Machine Comprehension at ITURO 2019.
Nov 2018 RecipeQA was featured by MIT Technology Review as one of the most creative datasets at EMNLP 2018.
Aug 2018 Our paper on multimodal machine comprehension is accepted to EMNLP 2018: "RecipeQA: A Challenge Dataset for Multimodal Comprehension of Cooking Recipes". Read our paper, download the data, and submit your predictions at our project website.
Aug 2018 Our work on manipulating transient attributes of natural scenes via hallucination is out on arXiv. See our demo and results at project website
Jun 2018 I am invited to Dagstuhl Seminar on Joint Processing of Language and Visual Data for Better Automated Understanding.
Mar 2018 I will be a panelist in a discussion on deep learning at ISBCS 2018. Slides of my talk is here.
Feb 2018 I will be teaching a new graduate-level course: CMP 784 Deep Learning. You can follow my deep learning related tweets at @aykuterdemml.
Nov 2017 Our work on deep dynamic saliency prediction will be published in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia: "Spatio-Temporal Saliency Networks for Dynamic Saliency Prediction".
Sep 2017 New TUBITAK 1003 project on "Summarization Approaches Towards Interpreting Big Visual Data", in partnership with Somera.
June 2017 Our work on sampling-based image and video matting will be published in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing: "Alpha Matting with KL-Divergence Based Sparse Sampling".
May 2017 Slides from our "Adversarial Training and Generative Adversarial Networks" tutorial at SIU 2017 are now available online.
Dec 2016 Our work on evaluation of automatic metrics for image captioning is accepted to EACL 2017 as a long paper: "Re-evaluating Automatic Metrics for Image Captioning". slides
Dec 2016 Our paper on using GANs to generate outdoor scenes from attributes and semantic layouts is out on arXiv.
Nov 2016 Our work on learning dynamic saliency will be published in Signal Processing: Image Communication: "A Comparative Study for Feature Integration Strategies in Dynamic Saliency Estimation".
Jul 2016 Our paper on deep models for dynamic saliency estimation is out on arXiv.
May 2016 Slides from our "Deep Learning in Computer Vision" tutorial at SIU 2016 are now available online.
May 2016 Our paper on Turkish image captioning won the Alper Atalay Best Student Paper Award (First Prize) at SIU 2016.
May 2016 Our paper on photo collection summarization won the IEEE Best Student Paper Award (Second Prize) at SIU 2016.
Apr 2016 Our part-based tracking work will be published in Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation: "Deformable Part-based Tracking by Coupled Global and Local Correlation Filters".
Apr 2016 Our work on Turkish Image Description Generation is featured on national TV.
Mar 2016 I am awarded a hardware donation (a Tesla K40 GPU) from NVIDIA for my research.
Feb 2016 A full paper accepted to Eurographics 2016: "An Objective Deghosting Quality Metric for HDR Images".
Jan 2016 I'll be speaking at YAZGIG 2016.
Jan 2016 We'll be giving a tutorial on deep learning at SIU 2016.
Sep 2015 One paper accepted to ICCV 2015: Image Matting with KL-Divergence Based Sparse Sampling.
Aug 2015 Journal version of our image memorability work will be published in Image and Vision Computing: Predicting Memorability of Images Using Attention-driven Spatial Pooling and Image Semantics.
Jun 2015 One paper accepted to ACL 2015 as a short paper: A Distributed Representation Based Query Expansion Approach for Image Captioning.
Mar 2015 A state-of-the-art report (STAR) accepted to Eurographics 2015: The State of the Art in HDR Deghosting: A Survey and Evaluation.
Oct 2014 One paper accepted to WACV 2015: City Scale Image Geolocalization via Dense Scene Alignment.
Jul 2014 One paper accepted to BMVC 2014: Top down saliency estimation via superpixel-based discriminative dictionaries.
Jan 2014 New TÜBİTAK 3501 Career Development Program grant awarded. More details below.
Sep 2013 One paper accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2013: Structure-Preserving Image Smoothing Via Region Covariances.
Jul 2013 New TÜBİTAK 1001 Support Program for Scientific and Technological Research Projects grant awarded. More details below.
Jun 2013 Hacettepe University Computer Vision Lab's (HUCVL) website is now online. Visit